Shri Shital Upadhye
We are using 15 HP vertical openwell pump, previously we are using CRI pump but FLOTECh gives more discharge than CRI with minimum consumption of current. After my experience 30 to 40 customers from Burli purchased FLOTECh pump with my reference.
Shri Shital Upadhye, At: Burli, Tal: Ankalkhop, Dist: Sangli

Shri P.R.Patil
I have all advanced technology in my field and green house, We had fitted 10 HP and 7.5 HP four openwell FLOTECh pumps, I am fully satisfied with its performance.
Shri P.R.Patil, At.Kothali, Tal. Shirol, Dist. Kolhapur

Savalia National Research Institute
Through innovation & excellent technology flotech pump bring revolution in pump industry.
Savalia National Research Institute, Ahmedabad.

Dr. B.B. Kabariya
We fitted flotech pump in junagadh agriculture university 8 years ago and it is running with zero maintenance with excellent performance in discharging, head and efficiency.
Dr. B.B. Kabariya, Scientist in united research institute - Taraghadiya

Arun Bhai Dave
We are using FLOTECh pump in our 150 acres land of our organization for 1000 students and 50 cows. FLOTECh is the only company which repairs old pumps without taking any service charge as well as their work for farmers is great and salutable.
Arun Bhai Dave, Chairman - Lokbharti Education Trust, Sanosara

Kapil Savalia
We are using 3 Openwell & 2 Monoblock of Flotech Pumps 24 x 7 in our chemical factory. These pumps are working without any fault for last 3 years.
Kapil Savalia, Director - Magxid Fine Chem

Shri M. R. Patil
Previously our sugar factory using 150 HP tarbine pump but now we are using FLOTECh brand 75 HP - V8 mix flow submersible pump so we saving too much electricity and got more discharge.
Shri M. R. Patil, Chief Engineer - Shahakari Sakhar Karkhana, At: Shirol, Dist: Kolhapur

Rameshbhai Patel
Flotech pump is most successful, efficient and reliable pump for domestic, industrial and agriculture use. It can run without any maintenance for many years.
Rameshbhai Patel, Builder & Chairmen of Shaper- veraval engineering association, Rajkot

Amul Dairy
We are using FLOTECh Pumps 24 X 7 in our Amul Dairy Unit without any fault for many years.
Amul Dairy,

Praful Bhai Senjaliya, Zonal President
I am ex. zonal president of Bhartiya Kishan Sangh. I am using FLOTECh Pumps in my 50 acres land for last 10 years. The V6 / V8 - 7.5 H.P. Mix flow model running in well gives 1000 liter per minute water which is outstanding performance. FLOTECh pumps is most running successful brand in Gujarat.
Praful Bhai Senjaliya, Zonal President, Bhartiya Kishan Sangh

Hakubha Jadeja
I am using 23 FLOTECh pumps in my 110 acres land for agriculture, FLOTECh is most suitable for pumping water from 1000 feet water level as well as it is more reliable than others.
Hakubha Jadeja, Village: Machalivad, Dist.: Jamnagar

Jitendra Patil
We use 40 flotech pumps in our 800 acres farm. Year ago we use every popular company's pumps located in coimbatur. By 20 H.P. pump we can drip 6000 banana trees but now by using 15 H.P. flotech pumps We can drip 10,000 banana tree. Flotech pump is more power saving and zero maintenance product which is experience not only us but thousand of farmers and other users.
Jitendra Patil, Nimbol Village, Jalgaon, Dist- Maharashtra

Shri Bharat Kundale
I am using 5 set of FLOTECh openwell submersible pumps and I am fully satisfied with its performance.
Shri Bharat Kundale, At: Janraovadi, Tal: Miraj, Dist: Sangli

Gangji Bhai Kapadiya
In our area water level go beyond 1000 feet so we used many pumps from different company but technical faults are common in that, Now we are using FLOTECh pump in my 200 acres farm and it is capable to pump water from 1500 feet depth successfully.
Gangji Bhai Kapadiya, Village: Meta Khambhadiya