Domestic Openwell Verticle Submersible Pumpset

Salient Features

  • State of the art design delivers optimum performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.
  • Rubber & bronze bearing provide low friction and hing wear resistance.
  • Easy assembling, dismantle. Easily serviceable pump & rewindable motors.
  • Suction screen and coupling are made of stainless steel.
  • High pumping efficiency for reduced running coasts.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • Extra long sealed top bronze bearing insures shaft alignment and stabilization for extended life.
Technical Specifications
H.P. Range 1.0 HP to 2.0 H.P. Singal / Three Phase version
Maximum Head Up to 98 Metre
Max. Discharge Upto 130 LPM
Rated Voltage Range -15% +6%; of Rated Volt
Max. Start/Hour 12
Max. Temp. of Liquid 33°C
Max. Permissible amount of sand in the water 30 gram/ cubic metre
Rated volts/ Frequency 220 volts/50Hz for singal phase
415 volts/50Hz for three phase


A combination of multistage centrifugal pump and submersible motor is designed for applications like:

  • Agriculture and Domestic water supply.
  • High rise buildings water supply.
  • Housing, complexes and bungalows water supply.
  • Gardens, farms and nurseries water supply.